All the colours of Madagascar

When walking through the markets of the capital, the diversity of colours immediately strikes the eyes. Gold yellow, vivid orange, ruby red, fuchsia, azure blue, emerald or anise green, all sit next to the natural tints of raffia and sisal.

Colours of the market

Amongst the stalls, one can find pigment sellers. Everyone can go and stock up from them. These sellers carefully drop a few grams of the precious powder into a paper bag.

We find these colours in all artisanal objects. They mix together into colours that might seem surprising, following the inspiration of the basket-makers! Therefore, you won’t be able to find two identical baskets, bags, or hats. Each item is unique.

These colours are also found in the paintings used for all the objects made from cans.

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Diégo Suarez Bay - Stunning Antsiranana Bay Fruit display - All the colours of the island… End of the day… - Diego Bay The colours of Madagascar - The colourful landscapes of the red and black island Man selling colourful giraffes - Coum market Étal de cadres - Sur le marché du Com. Pigment Sellers - At Coum market. Antananarivo Stall of tinted raffia fibres  - At Coum market