Children’s Range

We offer a range of children’s products: baskets, bags, purses, hats…

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Raffia Matting Children's Baskets -  voir en grand cette image
Raffia Matting Children’s Baskets
All colours.

Find these children’s baskets under the reference ’snack time’. They are available in various colours: pink, fuchsia, anise green, and striped. The handles are either wooden or in raffia matting.

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 Malagasy children bag -  voir en grand cette image
Malagasy children bag

Purse bags, half moon bags, rectangular bags. All in raffia matting, available in various colours. Some close with a zip, others with an inner bag with strings.

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Purses of various colours all made in raffia matting. Their various shapes match the children’s and women’s bags.

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Raffia Matting Houses

Raffia Matting Houses
Raffia Matting Houses

Raffia matting houses available in various colours. 3 sizes available.

  • Big: 21 x 21 x 15 cm
  • Medium: 16 x 16 x 11 cm
  • Small: 12 x 12 x 8 cm

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info document Spice-Carrier Baskets - Available in various colours and materials. On the photo : Yellow: raffia spice-carrier, 1,80 € (VAT not included) Green: aravola spice-carrier, 2,40 € (VAT not included) Red, hanging : raffia matting spice-carrier, 2,15 € (VAT not included) Red, on the floor : string spice-carrier, 3,00 € (VAT not included)