Discovering Madagascar


Antananarivo is the capital of Madagascar.

Island of contrast, town, country, sea.

Madagascar in town and Madagascar in the country.

info document City - Taxi in Tana Antsiranana - North of Madagascar, sumptuous light Diego-Suarez Bay Countryside - Lunch on the side of the road, sweet potato and sweetcorn Tana Market - Coum, craft market Women Selling Corn - On the road, they serve a meal with fruit, sweetcorn, etc Antananarivo  - View of Tana from one of the numerous hills Marchande de légumes P1030354 P1030355 P1030356 P1050707 P1050755 1 P1050757 1 P1050770 P1050782 P1050785 P1050787 P1050791 P1050794 P1050800 P1050802 P1050810 P1050813 P1050821 P1050822 Vendeur de voitures et camion en métal, sur le bord de la route