Recovered Objects

It is a real art form to be able to transform a simple soda or tin can into a vehicle with very realistic shapes and hugely vibrant colours.

Tin can cars

The artisans who make these objects get their inspiration directly from their personal history: mythical 2CV, 4L or DS, motor bikes, planes, firemen trucks, bicycles, bush taxis…

You can find them in all sizes, from the mini-car/keyholder to the imposing big car. They can, from a simple photograph, reproduce in their finest details cars they don’t know, even the lights and the door handles.

It is phenomenal precision work.

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Excideuil warehouse - Between stone and iron Making tin can aeroplanes - Antananarivo region Decorative objects from recovered tin can - Antananarivo region Soldering tin can objects - Antananarivo region Working on recovered iron - Antananarivo region Sale of objects from recovered tin can - Antananarivo region Woman selling decorative objects from recovered materials - Antananarivo region