Smocked Dresses

Our girls’s smocked dresses are entirely embroidered by hand.

Historically, ’smock’ was a traditional garment from the 19th century worn by English peasants, including boys. It is characterised by tight pleats on the front (and on the back), and embroidery. ’Smock is now a speciality of the embroideresses of the island of Madagascar.

Their craft was introduced by English missionaries. Each dress is unique as it is embroidered by hand. Our fabrics are 100% cotton and are carefully selected so as to offer a wide range of choice (patterns include flowers, Vichy, spots, plain, etc)

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Smocking Dresses with puff sleeves and claudine collar

Smocked Dresses with puff sleeves and claudine collar

The dresses are in piqué cotton, and ideal for mid-season.

They are available in various colours and sizes, from 6 months to 8 years.

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Pinafore Smocked Dresses

Tunic Smocking Dresses

The pinafore dress is made from worsted cotton, and is lighter than the one in piqué cotton. It is ideal for summer. It is possible to wear a T-shirt underneath during the mid-season.

They are available in various colours and sizes, from 6 months to 10 years.

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Pinafore Smocked Dresses in Patterned Fabrics

Sun smocking bathing

Smocking dresses are now affordable for everyone, and are no longer the priviledge of children of royal families.

Beside the conventional well-behaved type, we also make dresses from brightly coloured fabric that are just as classy.

Both romantic and multicultural, these dresses are elegant in all circumstances.

Robe printannière
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Pink dresses, the symbols of traditional chic

Pink smocked dress

These pink dresses made in our children’s garments workshop, and are never out of fashion. They are designed for all the princesses that lie within our little girls.

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Detail of the cross over pattern at the back of the pink dress

Cross-over pattern at the back

Every detail is controlled, which is what makes all the difference.

The cross-over pattern at the back, along with the waist-enhancing belt raise the posture.

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Embroidery on the pink dress

Delicately embroidered flowers

The embroideresses work meticulously and with passion. The result is there: a beautiful romantic bouquet.

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Bib-shaped embroidered smocking dress

Detail of a bib-shaped embroidered smocked dress

This is another dress with a different type of embroidery. Each dress is unique as it it embroidered by hand in an artisanal way.

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Blue Vichy

Vichy never goes out of fashion

The Vichy dress is of course part of our collection. It is the symbol of traditional chic and will never go out of fashion.

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Dress in varied pink tones

Refined and simple

This dress evokes a return to nature, and is made with patterned cotton.

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Classic and Original Dresses

Delicate Motifs

We make both modern and classic-designed dresses. They will fit girls on celebration days such as christenings, birthdays, communions, or weddings.

The fabrics they are made of are carefully selected, and their delicate embroidered patterns guaranty an exceptional quality.

Detail of the embroidery
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Summer Stock

We stock large quantities of dresses and renew them every season.

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New Collection 2015

New printing fabrics are available in various colors.

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IMG 3528
IMG 3533

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Doll Clothes

Doll Dress

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A large choice of doll dresses and rompers.

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Other available designs

We also have designs for :

  • nightgowns,
  • romper suits,
  • embroidered dungarees for boys.

Contact and enquiries :

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100% malagasy smocked dress Anise Green Hand-embroidered bib Cyan Chequered Smocking Nightgowns Bright Yellow Dark Red Traditional pink dress with daisy embroideries A scottish printed fabric Fuchsia Dress Beautiful red Blue and white Dark blue dress with buttons on the back Doll romper Dungaree Especially for baptism or communion. Fines rayures Liberty bleu new Night gowns Pink and fuschia Puff sleeves and claudine collar in pink Red and white Red and white rednew romper suit Several embroderies Smocked dresses with puff sleeves and claudine collar Various embrodery on blue fabric Vichy sable White fabric with pale colors embrodery