The craft of Madagascar

From the Coum or the Andravoahangy markets in Antananarivo, to the producers of the capital region, this section introduces a few techniques of the Madagascar artisans.

Beautiful landscape of the island
Antananarivo region

The landscapes of Madagascar are always a pleasure for the eye. Only by walking through them can one feel their full essence.

Life on the island is a real clash of colours, smells and noises.

Because we meet the artisans directly at their homes, we can observe their techniques and their crafts every time we come. From the sisal producer to the basket maker, from the market stall-owner to the polished stones worker, the natural stone retailer, the horn sculptor, the wood sculptor… the art of these men and women can only amaze us!

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Antsiranana bay - Photo taken from the mountain of the French Hat making - Artisanal hat-making workshop. Loading - Loading the container Celebration for the replantation of trees - Antananarivo region Indri Indri - Emblematic lemur of the island. Madagascar landscape  - Rice paddy in the Antananarivo region Traditional rick-shaw - Common means of transport for all Selling raffia fibres on the Coum market  - Sale of fibres on the market Woman selling spice-carriers  - Woman selling spice-carriers