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Various games, musical instruments, and accessories - Marquetry, leather, stones info document 'Smock' Dresses - Big choice of colours and sizes Various bags and purses for children - Various sizes, colours, and materials. Purse : height: 8 cm ' House-Box ' Baskets - Various sizes, colours, and raffia materials. Huge: Height: 38 cm Length: 47 cm Width: 27 cm Big: Height: 19 cm Length: 19 cm Width: 14 cm Medium: Height: 17 cm Length: 17 cm Width: 12 cm Small: Height: 14 cm Length: 14 cm Width: 9 cm 'Car' Baskets - Huge: Height: 24 cm Length: 54 cm Width: 24 cm Big: Height: 10 cm Length: 23 cm Width: 10 cm Huge Baskets - Raffia Matting. Height: 50 cm Length: 50 cm Width: 38 cm Various Bags and Baskets - Various sizes, colours, and materials Jewellery - In seed, horn, wood, leather… Horn Objects and Jewellery - Sculpted Horn Hanging Picture Frames - Various sizes, colours, and materials (raffia matting, paper, banana leaves) 'Big' Picture Frames - Big sizes, various colours and materials (raffia matting, banana leaves, antaimora paper…) Spice Boxes - Various sizes, colours, and materials Raffia Matting by the Meter - Various Colours